Mold Removal Miami FL

When requesting a mold removal and remediation service, you are actually asking for a sanitizing service to be done to the area affected by mold. Be rest assured that we will sanitize all your mold problems. When asking for a mold test to be performed you are basically asking for a lab to test the surface or air in your home or office and measure the toxicity level in order to determine how aggressively to attack the fungi. Once the test is complete you would need to begin basic remediation which will sanitize the area using either UNLV fogging which suffocates the mold or micro band treatment which is similar to bug spray for mold.

The Mold Remediation Process

There are other procedures for mold removal which are occasionally performed depending on the type of fungi being dealt with. When the mold remediation process has been completed, the actual mold removal will occur by removing affected pieces of drywall and unrepairable substances.

Mold damage repair will restore the home or office to its original state, if not a better state. When the mold-affected areas are clear of visible mold, we will perform a final air quality test to ensure the mold is gone. Mold removal can be done in many ways to ensure a mold-free home. Call today for a FREE mold evaluation. We can also review your insurance policy to help you save the money in your pocket!.. When searching for mold removal and remediation in another city.

Free Mold Inspection

A FREE mold inspection near me which entails a complete damage analysis for the present mold or common damage which could have led to the mold. If there is a leak of some sort it can and in most cases does lead to mold growth.

Mold Inspection would analyze for hidden leaks behind walls using an infrared leak detection device as well as a moisture detector to measure the moisture levels behind walls which will ultimately lead to the solution and process of mold removal. With video recording behind walls, the mold inspector and property owner can both see video footage of the damage present where the naked eye cannot see. A FREE mold inspection will give you all the necessary information to lead you in the right direction regarding your mold removal and remediation.

Free Visual Mode Inspection

union restoration mold inspection results
  •  Free mold inspection using cutting edge technology to find mold which can’t be seen by the naked eye
  • We can track moisture behind walls using infrared technology and see behind walls without damaging the surface using a video borescope camera
  • If testing is required it will be performed by a 3rd party company to avoid any conflict of interest.
  • Use our company for and will pay you back 100% of what you paid for your laboratory testing
  • Mold Removal Guaranteed! If Mold Inspection does not pass clearance, we will remediate again at our cost!
  • Receive a Government Certified Laboratory Clearance Certificate of Sanitization

Mold Removal Miami FL

Free Laboratory Mold Testing

Laboratory mold testing is a more extensive mold inspection. When looking to perform mold removal efficiently it is always recommended to perform a mold test approved by a government laboratory. This test will help identify the mold, its toxicity level, and the area contaminated. The government-certified certificate can be presented in a court of law as well as to other legal entities. Call the Union Restorations office and see how you can qualify for a FREE Mold Test using our Test Reimbursement Program.

100% Pass Clearance Guarantee

Mold Inspection services are all performed according to common rightful protocol therefore we are fully confident your property will be mold-free. The mold clearance test must be performed by a 3rd party company for conflict of interest reasons. If the test doesn’t result in condition 1 level (Normal fungal ecology – Sustainable living Non Toxic – Not Elevated). We will perform the additional necessary remediation at the company’s expense.

Trained and Experienced Technicians

We provide mold removal and remediation 24/7 for your convenience. Our technicians are trained and experienced to handle all types of mold cases. Our goal is to treat the mold problem and help you bring your life back to normal as soon as possible.

We provide the entire full service  mold removal from testing and evaluations to remediation and removal.

Choosing the right mold removal company can mean many things but the biggest factor is one you will only truly find out once you made the call.

Timing is key to many things such as the sooner they respond to your mold problem will usually indicate the length of the mold damage repair that would be performed.

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